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DocuOffice - Allows you to scan to editable formats, e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, … and sending documents to an e-mail address or to the network folder of the logged in user.


DocuBarcode – scanning documents with barcode recognition. Barcode as page separator and saved to filename.

DocuOffice, DocuBarcode - text recognition and barcodes recognition

(additional modules)

  • scanning with text recognition, processing documents to file formats such as: doc, xls, ppt, PDF, searchable PDF, txt/csv,
  • the ability to open files in programs such as: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AdobeReader,
  • sending processed documents to e-mail, as a link to an attachment or folder of a logged-in user,
  • scanning documents from the panel of a multifunctional device with a text recognition function,
  • hotfolder – converting pdf files to the selected format (input directory of documents to be processed and output directory with processed documents),
  • hotfolder codes – processing pdf files with barcodes from the selected folder and saving the code name to the file name and sending the result to the appropriate directory,
  • defining multiple scan templates for specific user groups,
  • system view configuration (access to selected formats; scanning options) on the device panel for user groups,
  • scanning with barcode recognition (barcode as a document separator, code as a file name),
  • defining access permissions to selected templates for user groups,
  • the ability to send documents to the selected e-mail and ocr to the appropriate format,
  • scanning with the division of the document every number of pages for pdf format,
  • scanning with the division of the document every number of pages for ocr formats.
Scanning and text recognition in DocuProfessional
text recognition in DocuProfessional