• licensing of particular system modules
• no license limitations on the number of system users
• licensing based on the number of devices connected to the system
• the possibility of licensing for a certain period of time
• no licensing limits on the number of locations (branches)

Access control:

• the ability to secure user access to multifunctional devices
• users can log in from any location in any branch
• the possibility to block all functions of the device and unlock them after authorization
• the ability to print all files when logging in
• possibility of authorizing the user with an electronic card using an external authorization reader or logging in using a PIN code or login and password from AD
• possibility of automatic assignment of proximity cards by users using PUK codes (automatic generation to email or first printout) or using AD user data
• the ability to download the list of users from external data sources, such as Active Directory, CSV files
• the possibility of creating several different connections to AD
• automatic synchronization of users with LDAP
• support for printing from various systems, including Windows, Linux, iOS
• cooperation with the EFI Fiery print server (Xerox)
• user interface on the device panel in Polish and English

Follow me printing:

• follow me and secured printing
• printout of files sent to e-mail (mobile printout)
• the ability to receive the created file on any compatible device connected to the system
• possibility to collect the created file in any branch
• possibility to manage the file queue from the MFP display of the device
• possibility to cancel, reprint from history
• possibility to change settings before printing: number of copies, duplex printing, color/mono mode
• possibility of previewing the work before printing
• possibility to cancel all or selected files from the print queue
• the system displays only the works of the currently logged in user on the device
• possibility to reprint files without printing (“Favourites”)
• printout of documents from folders, printout via email, printout by uploading files
• direct printing
• advanced management of the printing process (print queue)
• device notifications about the status of printed documents
• real-time file counting
• the system has the function of distinguishing between monochrome and color pages in mixed files, i.e. those that contain both mono and color pages
• possibility to generate PIN and PUK codes by users (via an account on the website)
• printout of files sent to e-mail, file upload via the user’s website (mobile printout)
• possibility of delegating work to any person/people
• managing your own print queue through the website


• the possibility of applying rules in printing, copying, scanning
• the possibility to notify about the application of the rule
possibility to force duplex printing; black and white printing
• possibility of blocking color printing
• the ability to restrict printing, copying and scanning for individual users, user groups, devices, device groups
• possibility to set quantity and cost rules for files: printing, copying, scanning
• possibility to define a rule by file name and file format
• possibility to define access rules for printing, copying, scanning at specific times
• applied rules work in every branch


• central reporting system (settlement of each branch from the central system)
• the ability to generate a time report separately for: printing, copying, scanning, fax
• the ability to generate a report separately in the following formats: A3, A4, color, mono
• the ability to group reports into: units, users, devices, user groups, device groups
• the ability to generate both quantitative and cost reports
• the ability to generate a report for projects (printing, copying, scanning)*
• the ability to generate automatic reports and send them via email to selected people
• the ability to generate a report on device counters over time: day, month, year
• the ability to generate a report on consumables over time: day, month, year
• the ability to generate reports with additional grouping: users, user groups, devices, device groups, project, branch
• the ability to create your own reports with adding additional columns, e.g.: device serial number, IP, name and surname of the user, etc.
• the ability to create reports from selected data: users, devices, user groups and devices
• insight into your full work history
• each user can access their own reports via the website


• monitoring the status of consumables
• paper tray level monitoring (every 25% for selected device models)
• current reading of device counters
• service error report from devices
• automatic notifications: counters, materials, lack of paper, service events
• defining notifications for many levels of consumables status


• central scanning system
• the ability to manage scanning by defining scan templates from the system level for groups of users
• the ability to count and report scanned files
• the ability to create scan templates in the system
the ability to scan to a defined user directory; logged in user’s email
• selected scan templates available for the logged in user
• the abibility to assign templates for selected user groups
• the ability to define the path and file name from dynamic variables, e.g.: user login, group, home folder
• scanning to OneDrive
• the ability to assign permissions to the template for a given branch
• scanning with input parameters and saving them to a file name
• scanning with forcing the necessary parameters (e.g. invoice number, selecting data from the dictionary, etc.)
• scanning with the division of the document every number of pages for pdf format
• scanning to multiple email addresses


• central management system accessible through a web browser
• central system for managing all branches
• central system for adding devices, users, groups
• the ability to create your own dashboard from the 21 available widgets
• the ability to set widgets according to specific parameters (size, color, time period, etc.)
• administration panel interface in Polish and English
• system backup automation
• configuration of mail SMPT, LDAP settings
• management of users, devices, groups of users and devices
• rules management
• authorization history on the device
• the ability to set the number of preview pages on the device
• ability to define how long active files are stored in history
• the ability to set all files printed and stored on the server to be encrypted
• the ability to assign aliases for users that allow to identify the same user with different logins from different systems
• setting how long printed files are stored on the server
• setting how long active files are available to users

DocuOffice, DocuBarcode (additional modules):

• scanning with text recognition, processing documents to file formats such as: doc, xls, ppt, PDF, searchable PDF, txt/csv
• the ability to open files in programs such as: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AdobeReader
• sending processed documents to e-mail, as a link to an attachment or folder of a logged-in user
• scanning documents from the panel of a multifunctional device with a text recognition function
• hotfolder – converting pdf files to the selected format (input directory of documents to be processed and output directory with processed documents)
• hotfolder codes – processing pdf files with barcodes from the selected folder and saving the code name to the file name and sending the result to the appropriate directory
• defining multiple scan templates for specific user groups
• system view configuration (access to selected formats; scanning options) on the device panel for user groups
• scanning with barcode recognition (barcode as a document separator, code as a file name)
• defining access permissions to selected templates for user groups
• the ability to send documents to the selected e-mail and ocr to the appropriate format
• scanning with the division of the document every number of pages for pdf format
• scanning with the division of the document every number of pages for ocr formats

*not all features are available on specific device models and manufacturers. Details are available from the Docu-Partner software manufacturer.